About GIET

GoldenRays Integrated Energy Therapy –GIET is a drugless healing method that helps you overcome stress and its associated problems like headaches, pains, sleeplessness, tiredness and so on. It also helps in dealing with various other physical and emotional discomforts such as Aches and Pains, Anger, Depression, Loss Emotion, Guilt, Fears and Phobias, Correction of Auto immune problems, etc. One is taught to use one’s hands and mouth to bring about energetic balance in the body, mind and spirit; which takes away unwanted energies that drains and renders one ineffective.

We have used this method developed over 4years to help people overcome various health challenges and have even helped somebody become able to have baby after 4 years of childlessness. It has helped somebody have her irregular menstruation restored, another person with deep depression and fear to become free. A 20 year old anger left after a brief GIET exercise. An Alzheimer’s patient regain speech ability and to begin recognizing people after 7years. This is a profound healing practice one can use to easily alleviate pain, sickness, and disease from one’s body and mind. In fact, these gentle movements and easy affirmations can work wonders for people suffering from: Arthritis, Back pain, Migraines, Heart and circulatory diseases, Weight problems, Digestive ailments, Autoimmune disorders, Reproductive issues, Depression, Low energy, And many, many other health problems.

With GIET, pains and aches have gone in seconds, fears and phobias have been resolved and negative emotions cleared in minutes. The list is endless. Yes, It has been thought an 87 year old man in 2006 the method and he used it to heal a retired high court Judge of blocked nostril that lingered for over 10 years. Another has used it to heal her children of varying conditions at home. Others have used little aspects of this method to help themselves become free from annoying personal conditions.